Friday, October 9, 2009

Seasonal Wearing: Autumn Pt.4

The conclusion of our series brings us to the end of October and Halloween. The ritual of costumes and trick-or-treating is a family activity that is enjoyed by toddlers through teens. Parents with an infant and an older child are often left wondering how to take the older children out while bringing along their infant. A carrier can be a great help with this, but it can also provide the chance for some fun costuming choices. The carrier can be the costume: two-headed monsters, a monkey on your back, Luke carrying Yoda all come to mind. The carrier can also help showcase a costume just carry a sleepy baby.

Last year I fell in love with the Little Bo Peep and her sheep costume idea. I thought it would be completely adorable to dress the girls this way, and while they were young enough to go with my ideas, I felt I had to take advantage. Well, once the costumes were bought and the professional pictures done, I was left wondering… how does the sheep come trick-or-treating? She couldn't walk yet, and carrying her in my arms the whole time would be awful. I actually don’t own a stroller, so that option was out. I finally decided on using a ring sling. Be aware, this carry is NOT a recommended method of using a ring sling, I kept hands near her at all times in case she popped out, but I also knew my baby well enough to know she wasn’t squirmy. In this manner, we all enjoyed a short tour of the neighborhood, and the neighbors got to see the full genius of the Bo Peep and Sheep pairing.

However you choose to include babywearing in your Halloween, it can be an important part of helping the whole family have a safe and fun evening.

Babywearing tip: Making a costume from your carrier doesn’t have to be expensive. A piece of fleece cut right and a couple fun hats could make a 2 headed monster. A pair of ears, a tail and the reverse of a brown strapped carrier (or a brown wrap) could make a monkey. Use your creativity and get out there!

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