Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Wearing o' (or in) the Green

It's St. Patrick's Day!  We asked our members to share their photos of using green carriers, and you all obliged with a wide variety of greens.  Maybe even 40 shades of green?

The backs of a man and woman wearing a baby and toddler in a St. Patrick's Day parade

A mom wears a toddler in a green Ergo
Only the baby is visible in this green and yellow sling

Baby worn on back in a green wrap with brown birds
A mom takes selfie over her
shoulder of baby on back in light green wrap

Mom wears in a green wrap off camera.  Baby and llama and
another woman are visible

Mom wears newborn in dark olive sling
Mom wears dark skinned toddler in green dot KP
Dad in kitchen wears toddler in front in a
green starry night wrap conversion carrier

Smiling mom wears
smiling young toddler in white and green Tekhni

A toddler is worn by mother in green MT posing with
2  police officers, and another woman wearing a T-shirt.  Target seems to be the background

A mama wears a baby on her back
in a green wrap in front of the Cherry Blossoms

A woman wears a newborn in a green silk sling
in the stands of a ball game

A dark haired mama wears a white older toddler in a green
wrap with Celtic designs
A young toddler is seen on the back of a woman out
of frame.  Toddler is in a dark and light green Ellevil wrap conversion carrier

A newborn is seen in an olive green sling.

A brown haired mom wears a blond baby in front in a light blue/green wrap

A mom wears a baby in a multi-green
striped sling in front of the white house
A dad with tattoo around his arm
wears a sleeping baby in a multi-green and
brown striped wrap

A mama wears her young toddler in a light
green and white wrap.  They are in the grocery store
Mom in green shirt wears a baby on front and
toddler on back in green tone KPs.

Photo over shouder at grocery.  Toddler asleep in light green wrap with white stars
Mom poses with Cat
in the Hat while wearing baby on back in
shamrock wrap

Family photo of family all in green posed
at the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Mom with red hair poses in green wrap with
small baby in front of lake.

Dad in ball cap wears baby in front in light
olive green Ergo.

We hope you have a fantastic St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Annual Report 2015

Admittedly, we're closing in on the end of the first quarter of 2016, so this annual report is a little later than we'd hoped, but we are excited to be able to share a picture of where we were in 2015. There are areas in which we hope to grow.  We hope to continue to make strides toward increasing the diversity of our reach as well as improving our accessibility.  Our goals for the coming year will reflect our desire to reach as many caregivers as possible with the wonderful opportunities provided by babywearing.  We look forward to spending the rest of 2016 getting to know your family and working together to spread the babywearing love!
Infographic of Annual Report - see below for text.

We are aware that placing the information in an infographic, while a visually pretty way of presenting a bunch of boring numbers, makes it impossible for our friends using screen readers or braille displays to read the information.  So, this link should get you to the document version, and if it worked as we hoped, we've turned on screen reading and braille functionality (let us know if it doesn't, we're still learning).