Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If You Don't Put that Baby Down He'll Never Learn...

When you become a parent, the first thing you realize is that everyone has an opinion on how you raise your child.  Many of those people are strangers or acquiantances that are easy to dismiss if their advice isn't helpful, but what about family members and close friends.  We tend to take their advice and criticism to heart.

So, here we set out to debunk some of the regular comments heard by babywearing parents from their family about what they are doing wrong by babywearing.

If you don't stop babywearing, your child will never learn to crawl. 

And they'll definitely never learn to walk:

And if they manage to walk, they will surely not be able to do physical or helpful things:

And they certainly will never be able to go to school or play away from your side.

See that pink dot WAY over there?  That's a baby who would only be held by mom for almost 2yrs.  She's a perfectly well adjusted first grader:
So, all that to say, babywearing will not keep your baby from growing up to be a normal functioning child.
See, worn babies even get into things:
And make you wish that you could do this, at least for a little while.
So, tell those helpful relatives that your babies WILL do all of those things.  They are only little for a couple of very short years.  During those years they learn a ton about language (easier to learn when near you speaking), balance (worked harder while worn), and they learn that their parents will ALWAYS be there for them.  This leads to a child who is able to successfully attack the world secure in the knowledge that someone has their back (or had them on their back) ;) 
Posted by Ann Marie

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year, A New Leadership Structure

Happy New Year!

In December, the VBEs for BWI of DC-MD-VA voted to move to a board structure.  With this new structure, a smaller number of VBEs will deal with the day to day operations of the local chapter.  As our chapter has grown, the large number of VBEs now assisting our chapter made leadership by consensus challenging.  The new system will have a board of 7 VBEs who will develop policies and make decisions about events, outreach, library, and day to day tasks, then bring proposals for any big changes to the larger VBE pool for a vote.

Now, how does this affect you?  Probably not much at all.  Meetings will continue to be held as they have been in the same locations when possible.  VBEs will continue to be available to assist parents and caregivers at meetings.  Social events will still take place for special occasions such as International Babywearing Week.  The daily operation of the chapter for those outside the leadership will look very similar.  However, it will help streamline systems for the leadership team.

So, without further ado, the new leadership team and their roles.  You can contact the team member listed if you have a question related to their role.  All board members can be reached via email at dcmdva@babywearinginternational.org.

Director/Grand Poobah:  Nicole N.
  - will oversee board operations
Money Czar (aka Treasurer): Angelique M.
 - will oversee and track funds
Scribe (aka Secretary):  Ellen S.
 - will produce minutes, notes, etc.
Education Czar:  Ann Marie R.
 - will handle VBE training and accreditation
Library Czar:  Jessica B.
  - will oversee library acquisition, maintenance, and management
Fundraising/Outreach Chair:  Cynthia C.
 - will oversee fundraising and outreach events and the committees involved
Membership: Reilly D.
  - will maintain membership records and serve as liaison from the board to the members

With this new board we hope that we will continue to provide the quality educational and social outlet that our members have come to expect with increased efficiency.  We look forward to serving you this coming year.

Ann Marie and the board