Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Babywearers Have More Fun

We have some mamas who come to a meeting and ask, "now that I've found a carrier, why would I come again?"  Well, the answer is that we have a great group of mamas who have fun with each other.  Our kids enjoy playing together, and we've grown to be good friends.  This morning, a group of us had a playdate at a local playground.  This summer, we hope to have regular playdates all around the Metro area.  If you want to plan one, post on our forum!

Now, on to the pictures.
Children played while mamas talked:

Mamas got a chance to learn a new carry:

And to practice some old ones:

Babies got some mommy cuddle time:

And a few even caught a nap:
And how gorgeous is this picture?

Anyway, as you can see, much fun was had by all.  You should come out to the next one, you too can have more fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spontaneous Family Time

One of my favorite things about babywearing is how quickly a baby can be added to any family excursion.  Yesterday, a late nap meant there was no way my 3yr old was going to bed immediately after dinner.  It had been raining, so the playground was out, but the rain had just stopped, so I suggested an impromptu family walk.  Now, when we used a stroller almost exclusively with my oldest, this was the kind of walk we never took.  Dragging the stroller out of the car, having the wheels run through muddy puddles and covered with leaves?  That was a situation to avoid.  But last night, my husband put the baby on his back and off we went.  I brought my camera to try and catch a few good pictures.

Daddy showed the girls a tree that had broken in half and now looked like a tree growing upside-down
We discovered that the creek near our house swells after the rain.
We found our reflections in the puddles.

We enjoyed some quiet time as a family.  And at the end of our walk, the girls asked if we could take a family walk every day.  Sometimes babywearing makes family time easier to accomplish.  And when I see my 3 girls walking along with their dad, I remember walks with my dad when I was a girl.  I hope these are the times my children think of fondly when they are grown.
What does your family do together while babywearing?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

All of us at Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA wish all of you moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!  Here are some of our group's beautiful moms.

Thanks to all of the beautiful mamas who wear their babies.  You are improving your life and your baby's life.  And through Babywearing International, you are helping other moms to learn about this beneficial practice.  Have a wonderful day!