Monday, July 27, 2015

Babywearing is a Family Affair!

I was fortunate to grow up around babywearing. My parents added two babies to our family when I was a teenager, and I not only watched my mother wear them in a ring sling and my father occasionally carry them in a backpack, I wore them myself at times.

So when I became a parent myself, the use of slings and carriers seemed like a natural option. I've worn both of my kids since they were newborns. When my older brothers and their wives started having kids, they also embraced babywearing, making us a whole family of babywearers.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our kids' cousins (and their parents) for week. Everyone had a great time, but the question might arise:  How do you keep up with six kids age five years and under-- including three one-year-olds-- when the kids outnumber the adults and you're touring the DC area for a week? Answer:  babywearing!

On a few outings, we brought one stroller that some of the kids took turns using. But we always brought lots of carriers. During our visits to the zoo, a farm, monuments, museums, a festival, hiking trails, and more, the ability to put a child on one's back while chasing or helping another child was invaluable. Babywearing allowed us to explore and have a great time together while keeping a large number of children safe and content. I look forward to many similar adventures in the future.

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