Thursday, February 24, 2011

Babywearing Cures the Common Cold!

Okay, maybe not.  But when your toddler or preschooler gets a cold and suddenly wants to be no where more than on top of you, babywearing is the answer for your little one's comfort and for your sanity.

A couple weeks ago I noticed a post on Facebook that a friend had a sick 2yr old who was being clingy and mom was getting "touched out."  I knew this mama had worn her child, but probably thought she'd "aged out."  I suggested a carrier and she said, "you know, that's a good idea, let me dust off the Ergo."  Sometimes we can dismiss babywearing as an option as our children get bigger, but really, nothing comforts babies, toddlers, or even big kids more than mama (or daddy) cuddles when they aren't feeling their best. 

It can also be a big help when you have another littler one to wear.  Sickness is exactly the time to bust out tandem wearing.  This also conveniently keeps the hands of the sick one behind you and off of the baby.
When wearing a sick little one you can monitor fevers (since they are right against you, you'll notice the temperature change), you can more easily monitor how many fluids they are taking, and you can give them the TLC they truly want without feeling like you've been trapped on the couch all day.  So, if your little one has been hit by a bug, break out your carrier and give wearing a try!


  1. my daughter is nearly 2 years old and no longer fits in her carrier... how can I still wear her? She kills my arms trying to hold her all the time...

  2. What kind of carrier are you using? The right carrier will allow you to carry a child up to... oh heck, I've carried a 9yo on my back, just to see if I could do it! I know women who can carry their 4 and 5 yo's on their back around the mall. You just need the right carrier. A good soft-structured carrier, such as an Ergo, Beco or Boba, or a woven wrap, such as Didymos, Storch or Girasol. Check out your local babywearing group, or for more info and help :)

  3. What kind of a carrier do you have? We use Baby Tuli and Ergo and both work great on my 3 year old.

  4. You've gotten some good suggestions. A great mei tai (Carolyn is using a Kozy above), or a Soft Structured carrier can be a good choice for a bigger child.