Sunday, March 2, 2014

Carry of the Week: Front Cross Carry (FCC)

We've recently started some virtual meetings in our Facebook chatter group.  We invite you to join us for our weekly series on wrap carries, as well as our conversations on day to day wearing.  You can learn more about our regular meetings and join the meeting events on our Facebook page.  Our two Facebook homes give us the opportunity to connect with you between meetings.  You can also use the chatter page to plan informal playdates to meet other families.
This week our Carry of the Week (COTW) continues on from last week's emphasis on FWCC. Once parents move from a stretchy wrap to a woven wrap, one of the things they often lament is the inability to pre-tie their FWCC as they could with the stretchy wrap.  A great pre-tied option in a woven is the Front Cross Carry (FCC).  This can be done with your base size or sometimes base -1.  This is also a great carry for wearing under a coat while winter babywearing.  Follow along with this photo tutorial.

Find the middle marker
Middle marker starts in the middle of your back

Bring one side around and cross up to opposite shoulder, be careful not to twist

Bring other side across body to opposite shoulder, be careful not to twist

You should have an X in front of you at this point

In the back, you should have a straight piece across, with the 2 tails hanging over your shoulders

Reach behind you for the opposite tail

Cross these tails

Bring back around front

Tie in a square knot

Find the pass of the X closest to your body.  This should be the first piece you crossed in front of you.

Hold baby on shoulder like you are going to burp her.  Guide the foot closest to the working side through the pass

Help her to sit on this pass

Then spread this pass from one crook of the knee to the other and across baby's back

Now find the outside pass of the X, guide baby's foot through here

Spread this pass from one knee to the other and across baby's back

Adjust your shoulders and the passes around baby's head for comfort and clear airway

And you're ready to hit the store!

And although it isn't my favorite, this can even work for a big kid who needs some front snuggles.
 Hopefully this was clear.  For those who prefer video tutorials, try this one.  A variation on this carry can also be helpful for parents who have children who always want to be held in burp hold.  These instructions are in Greek, but the photos are self explanatory.

When you try this out, share your photos in our Facebook group to show us your successes!  Happy wrapping!

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