Sling Library

Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA maintains a learning library available for members of Babywearing International to borrow.  Carriers may be tried at meetings by anyone who attends a meeting, but only paid members may borrow carriers. This post lists items available to be borrowed for a term no longer than one month.  Please note that this list is constantly changing as we add carriers to our libraries, and we likely have many new carriers available that are not listed here.  A current list of carriers is available for our members to view via our online lending system.  Carriers are divided between our 7 library locations.  Carriers move around and we cannot accurately reflect here what is available at each location.  Ask on Facebook if you're hoping to try a particular carrier.  Members are allowed to borrow from the library at no charge, however late returns will encounter a late fee. Late fees will be applied to carrier maintenance and to the fund to add new carriers to the library.  Information on membership may be found here.  Instructions for use can be found here.


Brand                     Type                    Size
Didymos Cherry Blossoms 2013 3
Didymos Cotton 4
Ellevill Zara                          6
Didymos Farfalla  5
Didymos Cotton                          6
Boba Stretchy 7
Vatanai Koira                        4 
Didymos Cotton                         3 
Ellevill Cotton Organic Lara                         6 
Merry Carry Cotton                         5 
Wrapsody Gauze Bali Breeze                          7
Didymos 2010 Pfau 6

Hoppediz Wien cotton 7
Girasol orange stripes                          7
Wrapsody HDuO water  7
Storchenweige Vicky - Cotton 7
Little Frog Cotton                          3
Little Frog cotton                          7
Natibaby Hemp                          7
Pavo Cotton Pavo                          7
Little Frog Cotton                          3
Little Frog Nephrite                          5
Little Frog Amazonit 4
Kokadi Wunderland 7
Little Frog Cotton                         3
Natibaby  CottonGreece 6
Wrapsody Bali Breeze 7
Didymos Cotton Waves 3

Little Frog Nephrite                     5

Wrapsody  Breeze Alice 7
Oscha Starry Night 7
Little Frog Nephrite                     5
Little Frog 100% cotton 3

Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid         Medium
Calin Bleu gauze 6

Little Frog Cotton 6
Ellevill Jade Cotton 6
Ellevill Jade Cotton 4
Cari Slings Cotton                          6
Ellevill Jade/Deli 4
Natibaby  Stripes 100% cotton                          6
Ellevill Jade/Deli Cotton 4
Wrapsody Breeze (Gauze)                          7
Ellevill Jade/Deli 4
Dolcino Cotton                                           7+
Solnce Lotus Linen Blend                            6

Ellevill Jade/Deli 4
Tekhni Aplos Cotton                          4
Moby cotton 7
Wrapsody HDuO Water            6
Natibaby Milori / Chevron            6

Didymos Cotton            2
Vatanai Perito (cotton)            6
Ellevill Jade/Deli 4
Vatanai Labrynth 6
Joy and Joe Cotton            4

Natibaby Cotton/Hemp blend  6
Kokadi Bristol Stars (cotton) 4
Lenny Lamb Blue Lagoon Cotton            6
Shiny Star Woven Infinity Chamaeleon            5            5
Ellevill Jade/Deli 4
Neobulle 100% cotton 6
Didymos Pfau 100% cotton 5
Tula cotton/linen 5
Hoppediz 100% cotton                          6
Girasol Antigua                          6
Natibaby Aranya Carbo 6
Storchenwiege Cotton 6
Diva Milano Cotton 6
Lenny Lamb Indian Summer                          6
Natibaby Cotton                          4
Lenny Lamb TikangaBmboo                         6
Lenny Lamb Bamboo/Cotton                          6

Ring Slings:

Maya Wrap - (multiple)
Zolowear - Hawaiian print; Solarveil; Brown/Blue dots
Sakura Bloom - silk
Sakura Bloom - linen grey
Sleeping Baby Productions - wide variety including
                slingified wraps;
                red with Eesti shoulder style
                green linen
                Little Frog Wrap Conversion Eesti Shoulder
Comfy Joey - 5 light blue linen
Comfy Joey- 6 water slings
Beachfront Baby - water sling
Zanytoes - Wrap Conversion (2)
BBSling- green stripe

Pouch slings:
Because pouch slings are sized to the wearer and because we almost never lent these out, all pouches have been removed from the library at this time.

Meh Dais
Kozy (multiple)
Catbird Baby (multiple)
Dream Carrier 1/2 buckle
NuzzleMe Creations UMC
Chimparoo MT
Freehand MT and Freehand Podegi
Infantino (multiple)

Soft Structure Carriers
Ergo  (multiple)
Action Baby Carriers (multiple)
Beco Gemini (multiple)
Beco Soleil (multiple)
Beco Toddler (3)
Pikkolo (multiple)
Boba 3G (3)
Boba Air
Babyhawk Oh Snap
Olives and Applesauce (2)
Kinderpack (multiple sizes)
OnyaBaby (2)
Scootababy Hip Carrier
Britax Baby Carrier
Baby Bjorn Active (6)
Baby Bjorn One (2)
Baby Bjorn We (2)
Tula (2)
Chimparoo Trek
Lillebaby (multiple)

If you have questions about the carrier library, contact us at