Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet a Leader: Angelique

Name:  Angelique

How old are your children?

E is 6 1/2yrs old
A is 4yrs old
Q is 14 mo old

What jobs, activities, hobbies, volunteer work, etc. did you do before kids?  Do you still do that thing?

Before Kids:  I was a parent educator supervisor through the Early Head Start program.  I worked with pregnant moms, and families with children between 0-3.

Sadly, I do not do this work any more. It is something that I would like to get back to
when my children are a bit older. I really enjoyed knowing that I was giving back to the community
that helped me and my family out when I was a kid.

When did you start babywearing?

I started babywearing when my first was born.  I did a TON of research to find the PERFECT ONE CARRIER.  (editor's note: I don't think she succeeded)

Did you know you were going to wear before you had kids, or what prompted you to try it?

I didn't know I was going to be a babywearer, per se.  I just knew that I needed some sort of device that would help me make my days at home with a baby easier.

Who was the person who most influenced your babywearing and what did they do that was so influential?

I don't know if I have a single person who made the light click for me.  It was definitely a group of people through a lot of interactions that has made my journey remarkable.


If someone took away all of your carriers and said they were handing you a newborn and you could only choose ONE carrier from birth until the end of wearing, what would you choose?

I would definitely choose a wrap.  It is the only carrier that conforms to ME.  All of the other carriers, I have to conform to it in some shape or form.  Wraps are also the most versatile.

 If you had to choose ONE carrier from what you already own to be the only one you had to use from now forward, what would it be?

I would choose my Girasol Earthy Rainbow.  The colors are beautiful, and rainbows just make everyone smile and happy.

 Which carrier do you find you return to time and again, whether it be for each newborn, or just a consistent workhorse?

 I have been wearing for many, many years now.  My stash is divided into two group:  the tried and true, and the fun/fashionable.
I am absolutely in love with my Didymos Natural Hemp indio.  It is soft enough to handle a delicate newborn, yet is able to stand up to the task of wrangling my 6 YO when she wants to be held.

Tell me a story of a time that babywearing made a huge difference in the outcome of a family outing.

 I traveled across the country to see my dad with a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old by myself.  Had I not had a baby carrier, it would have been a DISASTER trying to navigate the airports with two kids, a rolling suitcase and a diaper bag.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which carrier would you want?

I think I would want my hemp indio.  It is light in color, so we wouldn't attract too much heat.  It is strong, so we could use it as a hammock to have a place to sleep up off the ground.  It is washable, so a dip in the water won't hurt it when it gets dirty.  Very practical.

What is your favorite thing to do while wearing?

Nothing makes my heart swell more than putting a little one to sleep by just swaying back and forth.  And being able to sniff the tops of their heads, breathing in that intoxicating smell...whether they are a tiny newborn or a stinky toddler. 

What is your least favorite thing to do while wearing?

Using the public bathroom.  You don't know the thigh burn until you have a baby strapped to you and you hover over the toilet.


Why did you decide to become a VBE?

Being a VBE is very much in line with what I used to do in my former, professional life.  I enjoy working with parents become better parents to their little people.  I also think that volunteering is something that I want my kids to do when they are older.  Helping others for the sake of having the ability to do so is a characteristic that I want my kids to embrace.  The only way that I feel I would be true to my belief is if I live it out in front of them.

What is your favorite things about being a VBE for BWI of DC-MD-VA?

I get to meet so many people, and share with them how wonderful it is to be a babywearer.  We are great at sharing all sorts of parenting information to all types of parents.

Tell me a story about a time you helped someone at a meeting that stands out to you.

I had a dad come in, and he was adamant about learning how to wrap.  I must have wrapped along side him a good dozen times to show him the steps to completing the carry.  I walked away from him, leaving him there on his knees, as he maneuvered the material around his body.  Later that evening, I received a message from his wife that he had spent the afternoon practicing and had conquered the fabric.
Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you, Angelique.  You are definitely an important part of our leadership team.  You can meet Angelique and learn her awesome skills at most of the meetings in Northern VA.

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