Sunday, October 2, 2011

Real Men Wrap

When my son was born in early 2009, my wife bought a ring sling to wear him in. I liked the idea of
wearing our son, but that was just not manly to me. I searched for something that I felt comfortable
with, and found the Moby wrap. I liked the fact that it looked kind of like I was wearing a karate suit.

Fast forward to 2011, we had our second, a little girl, and my wife discovered wrapping. Who knew there was to much to know?  There are wraps of different colors, textures, weights, some that are $50 and some that are over $1000.  Apparently, my wife must have them all. She sold me on it because it was the one carrier that we could use to put our newborn on our backs. I loved my Ergo and Moby, but they weren’t options for newborn back carries (Mobys are never good for back carries). Anybody who has experienced the rude awakening of the second child knows how hard it is to keep both kids fed and clean. There were tons of things that needed to be done around the house when I got home from work, and I couldn’t really do that much while wearing Callie in the Moby on my chest.

Raagen learned to put our little girl on our back by going to babywearing meetings where I’m pretty sure the goal is for women to convince each other to buy more stuff. Anyway, I noticed that she was wearing the baby every evening during what would otherwise be my time with my little girl. So I decided to learn, too. Of course, my wife was excited because now she needed to buy me my own wrap, a size 7 Didymos Iris.

First my wife taught me how to put the baby in a FWCC (front wrap cross carry) because it was similar to the Moby. Then one day she put the baby in a ruck on my back. I wasn’t too keen on that because I hate having people do stuff for me. So I decided to go to one of these crazy babywearing meetings to learn how to do it myself.

Thanks to a nice lady named Angelique, I learned the BWCC (back wrap cross carry). I have to be honest. It took me about five times wrapping and unwrapping. I wrapped til I had nothing left in me. But I was determined. I wanted to be able to wear my baby while getting things done. It took practice, but I can now do a BWCC and a FWCC. For my purposes, that’s good enough. I want to let the rest of the dads out there know that you too can wrap your baby. And also, your wife doesn’t REALLY need ten wraps.

Editor's note:  Yes, she really does.

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