Monday, July 11, 2016

Supporting your local babywearing group, the simple way

The chapter’s group leadership is very excited to announce an upcoming fundraising

campaign with hopes that members and friends will offer their support. It’s the easiest

fundraiser the group has initiated in a while—there’s nothing for members to buy, bid on,

buy a ticket to, or show up for! You simply make a donation and know that your local

babywearing community is grateful for your contribution, no matter how big or small.

  • $5 can cover the cost of having a carrier cleaned
  • $20 can pay for two months of online software subscription
  • $30 can pay for a budget carrier for one of the “learning libraries”

Ways that you can support the chapter during this fundraising campaign

From July 10 through August 8, the chapter will host a fundraising campaign. During that

time the goal is to raise $400 ($100 each week of the campaign). And there are easy ways

for you to make a contribution to the organization’s mission:

  • Send an electronic payment via to Paypal
  • Mail a check or money order to the group at P.O. Box 3551, Merrifield, VA 22116
  • Give cash or a check in-person at one of the following monthly meetings:
    • Thursday, July 14 at Bethesda
    •  Saturday, July 16 at D.C.
    • Saturday July 23 at Bethesda
    • Thursday, July 28 at Springfield
    •  Wednesday, August 3 at Tysons
    •  Friday, August 5 at Centreville

What happens to the funds that the group raises?

You may be interested in knowing what will happen to any donation you send during this

fundraising campaign. Below are some of the ways that the group spends money.

  • Support for the national organization
    • All affiliated chapters remit a portion of their membership fees and donations to Babywearing International.

  • Technology
    •  Affiliated chapters pay monthly fees for online software to track who has borrowed a carrier, when the carrier is due, to help figure out overdue fees for carriers not returned on time, and to track membership.
    •  A couple of years ago, the chapter found a great sale and invested in tablets so that group volunteers did not have to use personal devices at meetings.

  • Carriers
    •  Did you know that the group has over 350 carriers spread among its multiple “learning libraries?” Group leadership takes advantage of special discounts targeted to babywearing educators, and volunteers have a special knack for finding quality carriers at modest price. Carriers more than five years old have recently been removed from the lending libraries.

  •  Demo dolls
    •  These are weighted dolls that simulate a real infant or child. They come in handy for teaching demonstrations and for use by families who are expecting and who come to meetings without an actual baby to wear. Recently, the group bought some professional demo dolls. Chapter leaders often use their own money and resources to convert a regular doll into a demo doll. Leaders sometimes find that at the busiest monthly meetings that there are not enough demo dolls around for the hands-on portion of the meeting.

  • Written materials
    • The chapter maintains a supply of brochures, pamphlets, and business cards. The written material is made available at the monthly meetings and at outreach events that the group attends.

Why you should feel great about donating

Think about the caregivers who are new to babywearing and come to a meeting just to

figure it all out. What about the person who comes to troubleshoot a carrier they own, but

can’t figure out how to use? And there are also parents who come to meetings to take a

break from being inside and to see new faces or hear an encouraging word. Some families

are experienced babywearers looking to borrow a carrier to use for a special event or

family outing.

This community has existed so long because of enthusiastic members, loyal friends, great

supporters, and tireless volunteers. Collectively, this chapter is supported by everyone’s

efforts in a number of ways. We advertise the meetings by word of mouth and in

parenting groups, attend member-initiated play dates to get to know one another better,

and show up to chapter-supported events. We have impromptu after-meeting meals

together, seek and share advice and tips online, and volunteer our talents and resources as

time allows.

The reality is that it takes more than people power and our love of babywearing to keep

our group running effectively. Sometimes the group has fundraisers in order to pay for

the supplies and tools needed to support our mission. And we hope that you will support

this community by giving to this fundraising campaign.

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