Monday, July 4, 2016

More Red, White, and Blue--worn by you!

Marion shared with us a few photos.  This is her with a baby on her front in a wrap conversion Oscha Cairis.  Lovely shades of blue.
Next shows the same mom and baby in a Tiny Tiger Baby American Beauty, a white wrap in a front cross carry.  THe baby is asleep with a hand tucked by the cheek.  So adorable!
The baby is looking at the camera and does not appear to be impressed while mom wraps in a Kokoskaa Marshmallow Pebbles.  Let's home the baby was unhappy with the time of day and not the wrap itself.
Jordan shares a snuggly photo of her in a 2012 white/offwhite pamir with an adorable sleeping baby

 Stephanie H and son look calm and serene in a blue ssc standing near trees and runing water.

Araceli shared a selfie of her and and child in a Lillebaby carryon in blue and white hearts.  Both are wearing blue with a bright white background.  I feel like I'm looking at a modern minimalist blog the colors are so vivid.

Lindsy M shows us her her Glory wrap and bamberoo wc.

Genevieve shares a photo of a one day old baby in a red mei tai; a six month old baby in the same red Snugli used by her grandmother and the baby wrapped on her front in a blue Storch warp 

Morgan shoes us its possible to wear patriotic colors and be a Wisconsin cheese head at the same time while she stands in the airport wearing a Lenny Lamp stars blue and grey ssc.

Meredith confirms the headgear makes the photo as she stands with her daughter in a blue wrap.  The baby is wearing a patriotic headband in blue and white stars with red and white stripes!

Lacey wraps in a wool Natibaby autumn blaze for extra cush and wicking in the summer heat while running errands

Ellen manages a toddler and a baby on a walk in a light colored Didymos Indio

Thank you to all the members who shared photos with us in celebration of Independence Day.  Are you snapping any photos today?  We'd be happy to see and share more of our membership's activities with you!

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