Monday, November 11, 2013

Mamas Helping Mamas (and Papas) - Veterans Day Edition

Our VBEs are always finding new ways to spread the babywearing love, whether it’s at meetings, events, or even the grocery store parking lot! There’s nothing quite like seeing a parent’s eyes light up during that magic moment when the carrier has clicked with the wearer and the wearee and everyone is happy!   In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted to share a special project started by local VBEs that is benefiting military families around the country.  As some of you know, two of our local leaders, Kit and Rachel, run an organization called The Carrying On Project that provides baby carriers to military families that couldn't otherwise afford them.
Rachel Helps a Mom with her New Carrier at
Star Spangled Baby Shower in Springfield, VA
A lesser known project for their organization is partnering with Operation Homefront for a series of events called “Star Spangled Baby Showers” where new and expecting moms are “showered” with gear and gifts for their little ones. The Carrying On Project goes to these events to give every attendee a carrier, but also help the new moms by fitting them for their carriers and helping them learn to use them, nurse in them, or answer any other questions and concerns the recipients may have.
Kit and her girls are all set up for a Star Spangled Baby Shower

Kit and Bonnie give a Babywearing 101 talk
while Kit nurses at a Star Spangled Baby Shower in NC
So far, The Carrying On Project has attended  four of these events, with a few more coming up this season. They have done three in the MD and VA and have started moving in to NC, with SC coming soon.  They worked one such event in Springfield in October for moms local to our area, and last week Kit and her kids drove to Fayetteville, NC and worked with a VBE from BWI of Charlotte to help some new and expecting moms enjoy those new baby snuggles.
The Carrying On Project table always has the longest line!
 If you are currently serving our country or have ever served, thank you for your service today and every day. We are very lucky to live in an area where we meet many military families and we love to have them join our group and share their adventures that babywearing has helped them with! If you are a military family, what has babywearing helped you with?
The Participants of a Star Spangled Shower in Oxen Hill, MD
If you want to help The Carrying On Project in their efforts to provide carriers for military families who can't otherwise afford them, donations can be made at their website or by clicking this link.

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