Saturday, October 19, 2013

October is Fundraising Month!

For the month of October, our parent organization is increasing our funds kept in chapter for all fundraising efforts.  Funds raised go towards filling the library, as the chapter grows we are now supporting SIX libraries!  On one hand, it's awesome that we are reaching so many families, but it increases substantially our library needs.  Only 2yrs ago we only had ONE library, so that is a substantial increase in carrier needs. (For the record, we're also happy to take carrier donations)  We also want to do a better job getting the word out about our chapter.  We need to invest in more literature to get into the hands of pregnant women and new mothers in the area.

The chapter leadership did a lot of discussion of various ways to raise funds, and at the end of the day, most of them involve trying to convince all of you to buy things you don't need to clutter space you don't have to get us a return of a couple bucks per person. 

SO, we were thinking, what if, instead of begging you to buy stuff you don't need, we instead said, "we'd love a donation.  Whatever the amount."  This way, if you were willing to buy $10 of random items, or $20, or $50, then instead of the chapter getting a couple bucks, we'd get the whole amount.  We also thought, what if it was like PBS.  You donate because you want to support the mission, BUT, there's a thank you gift (as long as supplies last) for certain amounts.

With that in mind, I bring you the, "We're Straight Up Asking for Donations, Fundraiser!"

You may donate any amount that is comfortable for you.  More, less, whatever.

However, if you donate

$10 - You will receive a BWI sticker.  This is NOT a car sticker, it's a for fun sticker.
$15 - You will receive a set of the Babywearing People Stickers.
$25 - You will receive a reusable grocery tote from International Babywearing Week 2013
And the FIRST donation of $50 will receive a $25 gift certificate to Comfy Joey.
Use the donate button below, or you can bring a cash or check to the meetings left in the month.  If you need to mail a check, please email us:  Please indicate how we should get your thank you gift to you in the comments (ie at Burke, or will contact to make arrangements).

We appreciate ALL of your support.  You are helping us to help more families with this donation.

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