Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Meeting? What's that about?

Sometimes people wonder, what happens at a meeting?  Can they teach me to wrap/ back carry/ etc?  Will I fit in?  Is it a bunch of hippies? Is it only moms?  Will anyone try to sell me something?

Well, let me try to address those questions:
1. What happens at a meeting?
Well, sometimes it depends on the meeting, if we have a meeting with only 1 new person, we may go with something along the lines of a more casual conversation.  But generally we begin by going over the types of carriers, demonstrating their use, and telling what the pros/cons are to each type.  After that you have the chance to try carriers of ours with help, or to get help with a carrier you brought with you.  Babies and toddlers also play merrily through all of this.

2. What can I learn?
We can help you learn to use a carrier you already have, learn more advanced carries with the carrier you have, or teach you to use a carrier you've never tried.
Here you can see Angelique is wrapping along with Jill teaching her a wrap carry:
Then here she is spotting for Jill as she tries a back carry for the first time:
We can also teach you to nurse in a carrier, or hip carry, or do all kinds of different carries.

3. Will I fit in?  Is it a bunch of hippies?  Is it moms only?
Well, yes and no and no.  We have a wide variety of parents represented in our group.  Do we have some super crunchy hippies, you bet.  Do we have some super sophisticated stylish mamas?  Yup, them too.  We are very accepting of all parents and parenting types.  We often get dads, especially with new postpartum moms or at Saturday meetings, but for several years one of our most active members was a stay-at-home dad.  Even babysitters or nannies are welcome. We believe everyone can benefit from babywearing, and we want you to benefit too, yes, even you.

4. Will anyone try to sell me something?
We have no carriers for sale.  There is a carrier lending library open to dues paying members of Babywearing International; however, membership is not required to attend.  You may also see or hear Ann Marie pointing out the Babywearing Family Stickers.  These are a fundraiser, and no one will push you to buy them, we just think they are cute.  But mostly, it is a free meeting for everyone's benefit.

So, grab a baby (preferably your own, or one whose parents gave you permission to borrow) and come on down to a meeting.  We're waiting to meet you. :)  This weekend, we are looking forward to another Saturday meeting.  This month we are meeting at the Pohick Library in Burke, VA.  We hope to see you there.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I always wonder these questions when I think about trekking out to a meeting. :) See you at the Burke meeting later this month!

  2. I may have to disagree with #3. I have been to 2 meetings and felt very out of place both times. Nobody spoke to me or even tried to help me when I was trying to figure out how to use a new carrier.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. :( Sometimes busy meetings can get away from the leaders, but we really do try to include everyone.

  4. Anonymous, how busy was the meeting? I've been at meetings where I live that were NUTS and it was almost impossible to talk to everyone and I always worry that I miss someone. what would you suggest to help with whatever your particular situation was?

  5. Unfortunately it can be a fine line between wanting to let people touch carriers without hassling you (think mall salesperson) and constantly offering help to every individual. We do introductions (for everyone, not just leaders) at the start of meetings to try to involve everyone as well as asking at the end of the demo for attendees to please come try things out, ask if you'd like help, etc. Sometimes people just want to see things and not try things on. I'm sorry if you slipped past us -- sometimes things are crazy, but we do try pretty hard to be both friendly and accommodating to whatever people are wanting out of the meeting experience.

  6. Hi, I'd like to attend a meeting--should I just bring the carriers I have? I have a storchenweich (too hot for now), bali breeze (I love! But would like to learn more carries....), and a BH mei tai (would like to learn more ways to use it)....and just got a Beco Butterfly (I'm confused). My baby is 5 months so I am kind of new to all this but I'm trying!
    Hope to come to a meeting soon!

  7. Shannon, yes bring any carriers you would like help using or anything you think others might like to try. :)