Thursday, April 21, 2011

Babywearing in the Spring

Spring is in the air (well, every third day or so while dodging rain showers).  The nice spring days are perfect for babywearing.  Not too hot, not too cold, perfect for snuggling and enjoying the outdoors with your little ones.  This post is going to be mostly a photo essay of spring fun while babywearing. :)  If you wonder why I have no pictures of you, it's because you didn't send them to me when I was begging for them. :p
 This spring babywearers have walked in the St. Patrick's Day parade
Seen the memorials and Cherry Blossoms:

and taken photos there, too.
 We've gone to the zoo

and enjoyed the National Mall
We've taken walks in the woods

 The Baltimore crew lamented the slow start to spring
 But, when the weather finally turned, we did a little gardening
And headed to the playground with friends

Then cried when it was time to leave
 We took our kids to explore nature
And we've hunted for eggs
Babywearing improves so many spring activities, so grab your favorite carrier, put your little (or big) one in it, and get out there and enjoy what spring has to offer!

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