Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where We Wore on Our Summer Vacation

The end of August brings us to thoughts of school opening and the end of "summer vacation."  Even as adults, the childhood idea of "summer" keeps a hold in our minds and makes us treat summer as special time for fun, friends, family, and vacations.  One of the iconic themes of the beginning of the school year is the "Where I went on summer vacation" essay.  So, today we present a twist on this classic with, "Where we WORE on summer vacation."  

We flew on planes

We rode on trains

We visited family and rode on grandpa,
picked blueberries with mama,
then explored the beach with daddy.
We checked out Trainfest,

and we met babywearing celebs.

We walked in the tide pools

And nursed our babes there.
 We went on playdates with friends,
and looked over beautiful vistas.
We swam in cool water,

and blew bubbles in our backyard.

We saw the tops of mountains

and natural hot springs.
We walked the Stampede Days parade,

and napped at the gym.
But mostly, we enjoyed time with our families exploring our world.

What did we learn on our summer vacation?  We learned that baby sees best from mom and dad's height and that travel and fun are always easier when baby is safely tucked in a carrier.  What did YOU do on your summer vacation?


  1. Hi, I need some help with my Mei Tai. I joined the BWI forum but I couldn't find the chapter forum there. Please let me know how I can connect. Thanks!

  2. To join the chapter forum, go to User CP (top left), then "group memberships" (also on left). Request to join the BWI of DC-MD-VA group. Then someone will approve you and the forum will appear at the bottom of the forums list. :)