Monday, August 9, 2010

Tutorial: Back Wrapping

Today we have 2 tutorial videos.  In the first we cover a few methods for getting baby onto your back before beginning any wrap carry.  All of these methods should be practiced with a spotter or on the bed before attempting them solo.  Try each method, one will likely feel "right" for you.  You may feel more comfortable practicing with a stuffed animal until you master the movements, then you can add baby without having to figure out where your arms go while ALSO being cautious of baby's safety.  Also, these are all done with a WOVEN wrap, we do not recommend this with a stretchy wrap.

In the second video, we have a tutorial for a Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC).  In this video, Cynthia shows us how to complete this wrap AFTER you've found the best method for YOU to get your baby on your back.  In the middle of this video, there is a close up of the steps from the back.  In this way you can see the wrapping from all angles.  Those aren't separate passes, but the same passes from behind.

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