Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BWI Membership Drive: NOW through Sept 9th

We've been a BWI chapter for about a year now, and we've managed to gain ONE official member in all that time.  Now, it's true, we offer our expertise and vast stashes to anyone to try without payment, but in order to keep the message strong, provide handouts, maintain the carrier library, and help BWI in its efforts on a national level to keep the CPSC from banning slings outright, we need your support.
A one year membership to BWI costs only $30.  That's a little over 8 cents a day.  Do you and your baby get 8 cents of enjoyment daily from wearing in a comfortable, ergonomic and fashionable carrier?  Do you want to help other parents to do the same?  Joining BWI can do that.

How do we spend the group money?
 - We are joining the BCIA as a supporter, this will help our favorite carrier manufacturers fight to continue making safe, comfortable, and beautiful carriers
- We are ordering much needed supplies for the library, over time pieces such as chest straps, inserts, etc have gone missing
- We want to order brochures to have on hand for meetings and hope to eventually expand outreach to public places like farmer's markets, town festivals, and parades.
- We hope to expand meetings in Maryland and will need to develop new locations and establish the library
- The National organization gets a portion of the funds to use for its outreach as well as to cover expenses like insurance, web hosting (including our private forum), etc.

What do YOU get from becoming a member?
- Well, you help US spread the love of babywearing
- You get some groovy BWI stickers, and maybe a bracelet? (I'm actually not sure what's in the member pack)
- You are eligible to borrow the Sakura Bloom silk sling for your special occasions
- You get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart
- You get entered in a raffle for a NEW Sleeping Baby Productions ring sling

Wait, back up, what was that last one?
Yes, it's true, you will be entered in a drawing to take place at the September Tysons meeting (THURSDAY, September 9th) for a brand new SBP ring sling.  Does your spouse/ mom/ mother-in-law/ grandfather want to support the efforts of BWI?  They, too, can join and get a raffle entry.

For more information on how to join, attend any meeting in August, or email


  1. I will pay at the next meeting :)

  2. I'll become a member when I have a baby! Right now I'm just planning for the future, and I live in Maryland, so I really want to be part of this when the time comes... :)