Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tutorial: Front Carry in a Mei Tai

Today we have a tutorial on using a mei tai (pronounced "may-tie") for a front carry. A mei tai can be used on the front, back, or hip and can be used for babies from newborn through todderhood. In this tutorial the babies are big enough to fairly easily have their legs out of this mei tai. If your baby is very small, he/she might prefer to be "squatting" or "froggied" in the carrier (similar to how a frog sits). You can also use a ribbon to narrow the base for an earlier legs out carry. If you do this, make sure the carrier supports all the way to baby's knees and that his knees are higher than his bottom.


  1. Great tutorial! I just had a thought and wanted to jot it down before I forgot. Could we do a tutorial featuring a santa toss, superman toss, and hip scoot to position a baby in a back carry for a MT and a wrap? Trying to write out a description today and a video to link to would be lots easier. THanks!

  2. That is the plan when we get to back carries. ;)