Monday, April 5, 2010

Springtime in the Nation's Capital

Suddenly last week, spring hit with a vengeance and our thoughts turn to exploring some of the great activities we can enjoy living in and around our Nation's Capital.  The first thing we realize is that the easiest way to get downtown, especially when attending popular events, is the Metro.  Babywearing is fantastic on public transportation, no trying to stuff your stroller onto an already crowded train, no losing your toddler in the mad rush for the doors, and no dealing with that terrifying feeling that your toddler is going to decide to run off the platform as the train arrives.  There are a million reasons to appreciate babywearing when using public transportation.

On to the events.  A couple events have already passed us by, the annual White House Easter Egg roll was this morning, and Angelique shows us how useful her wrap was during the chaos and fun of the roll. 

The Cherry Blossom festival is winding down, but you can probably still enjoy the blooms this week.  However, even once the blooms have fallen from the trees, the area of the monuments around the Tidal Basin is a beautiful place to visit.  The FDR Memorial, Jefferson, Lincoln, Vietnam, WWII, and Korean War Memorials are all located in the area between the Tidal Basin and the Washington Monument.  These are a nice walk and an interesting visit for newcomers and DC natives alike.  

Our area also has beautiful and varied parks to enjoy.  You can ride the carousel at Glen Echo, or the mini train at Burke Lake, enjoy the immense playground at Clemyjontri, or take an easy hike followed by a picnic at Great Falls.  Babywearing can make any family outing easier and more fun.  No need to stick to paved paths with your stroller, you can walk the "Exorcist" stairs in Georgetown as easily as you can walk the tow path.  Our area offers an outdoor experience that is perfect no matter what you are in the mood to enjoy.

And of course, there is the perfect spring destination.  Spring brings the babies to the National Zoo.  The baby animals that is.  Children love to see the baby animals, and who are we kidding, so do grownups.  You can visit the zoo and see the animals much more easily with your little one in a carrier, and it's a great workout on those hills!Hint- take the Metro to Cleveland Park instead of the Woodley Park/Zoo stop, it makes the walk from the Metro flat instead of hiking up that big hill.

So, now that we've given you a few activities to try out, we'd love to hear what YOUR favorite springtime outings are inside the Beltway.  Send your babywearing in DC pictures to and you might see them in an upcoming blog.


  1. A ring sling makes it easier to show my 2-year-old the lions and tigers at the zoo - he can see over the railing without fear of him climbing into the enclosure! :)

  2. It's possible but difficult chasing a toddler while pushing a stroller around Buddy Attick Lake Park in Beltsville, MD. Wearing my baby allows me the freedom to skip rocks with my toddler while pointing out the turtles on the logs to my wrappee.

    And BASEBALL! No better way of navigating through the crowds! People actually step aside when they notice a little head poking out from behind my shoulders. Wonderful!