Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh! The Places We Go (on public transit)!

With our babies we love to vroom,
C wears Z on her back in an SSC on the Metro

Public transit helps us zoom.

D wearing her toddler in a wrap on the Metro
M wears her little on the NY subway

We love to visit lots of places,
where we see exciting new faces.

We wear our babies on the bus,

Woman in wrap paying for the bus
Z rides on C's back in a wrap on the bus
L wears in an SSC on the bus

it gets us there with no fuss.
A wears A in a hip rebozo carry on the bus

On the platform we often wait,

S wears an SSC on the DC Metro platform
D wears her toddler in a wrap on the Metro platform
L wears her daughter waiting on the Metro platform

So we can head out on our date.

Woman wears baby on train while husband looks on
Mom and Dad both wear babies at the subway station

 We can wear our babies on the train,

Dad with baby in front carry on Metro
Mom wears baby in SSC on the Amtrak
S wears baby in front with Grovsner Square station visible through train window
R wears baby on back on Metro
M wears an SSC with her toddler on Amtrak
Baby on front of woman in SSC on Metro
Man wearing baby in a wrap on Metro

and wrap them before we board a plane.

Toddler wrapped on front on plane
Newborn in stretchy wrap on plane

We wait in ports and stations,

A buys tickets at the station
Toddler on back in wrap at airport
Toddler on front in SSC at airport
Toddler on back in mei tai with big sister at Metro station
Mom with newborn at Metro station
Dad wears baby AND kilt at the Metro platform
Mom wears toddler in wrap on front at Judiciary Square station

then we're off on our vacations.
A wears newborn under babywearing coat at station with suitcase

We carry babes on things pulled by bikes,
E wears baby with friend while riding a bike carriage (modern rickshaw)
We wear on trains designed for tikes.
A and A wear babies on toddler train
A wears S with big sis S on the mini train at Burke Lake Park

We wear our babies when they are merry,
and wear them when we ride the ferry.
G wears her toddler on front on the vaparetto (water bus) in Venice, Italy
Mom wears sleeping baby under hood on ferry in San Francisco

We wear our babies close to home,
we wear them wherever we roam.
M wears toddler on the platform for the NY subway

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