Thursday, January 2, 2014

Babywearing on Board: Two Tots on a Cruise

What's better than a Caribbean cruise in December? Not much! Once again, we decided to cruise stroller-free. If this was a bold move two years back with one ten-month old, it was an even bolder move this time around with a 16-month old and a not-quite-three-year old. As hoped for, babywearing gave us great freedom for adventures big and small. Here’s where babywearing took us this time…

A steep mountain hike



Behind-the-Scenes onboard: backstage in the theatre, the galley, and the bridge  

A rainforest trail

Water taxi

Surviving the Airport:
Long security lines (not pictured)
Makeshift highchair (pictured)


 Naps on-the-go
 Portable snuggles for a teething baby (plus milk on the move)

 And gratuitous fun: recreating the same shot from two years ago.


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