Friday, May 24, 2013

Beyond Babywearing

As much as I love using baby carriers to wear my boys, I also appreciate that they can be used for other things. For example, when a wiggly toddler doesn't want to be worn, but every cart has broken safety straps, I can tie him in.
Wrap as a shopping cart strap
Or, when you go to a fancy anniversary brunch and it turns out the restaurant doesn't actually have high-chairs, you can create an instant baby-safe seat.
Mei Tai as a high chair
I also discovered that carriers can help support the belly during pregnancy. With baby E., I wrapped my belly starting at 20 weeks to help with my chronic pelvic instability. (Pregnant women may also know this as symphysis pubis dysfunction or pelvic girdle pain. The difference with mine is that it may never go away).
When I was 20 weeks pregnant with baby E., I decided to wrap my belly with a woven wrap to lift and support it and give some compression to my back. I wore the wrap for half the day and a Prenatal Cradle Plus, leftover from my pregnancy with V., for the other half of the day.
A woven wrap is like the sophisticated older brother of the Moby. They both are long pieces of fabric designed to wear a baby, but a woven wrap only stretches on the diagonal which means it gives a much more supportive fit than a stretchy Moby can. Woven wraps are often made by hand or with intricate designs. They have a higher price point, but also have a longer, more versatile life.)
20 week belly--KoKaDi Forest Birds, 4.2m
Verdict: the wrap was more breathable and comfortable than the Prenatal Cradle Plus.
Sometimes I felt rather bold wearing my support outside of my clothes rather than underneath, but it was worth it! 
Zara Black, 4.6m

After this Zara picture, I decided to get the tail around me one more time. Since Zara has long tapers, the top layer ended up creating a panel of farbic that I just pulled down to cover the rest. It lost the pretty, intricate look, but it look more like part of my shirt.
Want to see how I do this? Here I am 38.5 weeks pregnant, using a Neobulle Simon 4.6m.
Some women like to do the same kind of thing with a ring sling. Personally, I found that the ring sling could not actually lift the belly or stabilize my pelvis and hips, but it could give some compression to the belly. At the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to coax baby to flip face-down, and out of that pesky occiput posterior position, so I used a ring sling to apply gentle-but-firm pressure my belly. It didn't persuade my little guy to turn, but maybe it will work for some other mama out there.
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