Monday, September 19, 2011

Mei Tai Tying Tips

I often hear, "My mei tai is awesome, but sometimes the straps feel like they are slipping off my shoulders."

So, I put together this photo tutorial with some alternatives to the traditional "backpack style" straps.

1. Cross in front:

This can be uncomfortable for moms with larger breasts and can cause problems with clogged ducts if you are prone to them.  It is my husband's favorite way to tie though.

2. Chest Belt
This works just like a chest belt in a wrap if you are familiar with wrapping.  After bringing the straps over your shoulders,tie a half knot before heading back around.

3. Tying Tibetan

Take shoulder straps over and around like regular backpack straps, then instead of tying in front, cross one over your chest and thread through the opposite shoulder strap.  Repeat on other side.  If your shoulder straps are not long enough, you can untie the waist and do this with the waist straps instead.  That can be a great option for pregnant mamas to get the straps up away from your tummy.
Then tie (sorry, this pic it TOTALLY out of focus, but you get the idea).
 4. Or you can twist

Twist down the center of your chest until you get to a spot you feel comfortable taking them back around to tie off.

No matter what tweaks you use, don't give up on your mei tai until you've exhausted all of the possibilities for comfort.

Posted by Ann Marie


  1. I've found doing the Lexie twist (a double twist on baby's lower back/butt) and then a good "jump" (where your feet don't leave the ground) and tug gets the straps nice and secure. Then it doesn't feel like they're sliding off my shoulders. :)

  2. Yes, good tightening can make a huge difference, but if you have sloping shoulders, sometimes even that doesn't fully solve the problem. These are for those who can't get ruck straps to work.

  3. Thank you so much!!!! I was about to give up as at 12kg bubs is getting a bit big to back carry. I have small shoulders and can not use the regular back carry method at all. Will definitely be giving this a go!