Thursday, September 30, 2010

Farm Fall Fun!

If you’re looking for a fun, outdoor activity for your family this fall, you may want to consider checking out some local farms.  Our family recently spent the day the spent the day at Clark’s Elioak Farm in Ellicot City, Maryland.  Babywearing definitely came in handy, as we quickly found that much of the ground not very stroller-friendly as we were either in grass or on unpaved (dirt or gravel) paths.

We noticed that one family created a bit of a dust storm trying to move along a gravel path, then stopped for a break. 

We started our visit in the enchanted forest.  Your children are apt to enjoy the stations that illustrate some of their favorite fairy tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 

Humpty Dumpty,  
the dish running away with the spoon, 
and the crooked man with the crooked house. 
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If you’re carrying your child in-arms rather than in a carrier, you can find areas to stop for a break and to give your arms a rest. 
You can also relax a bit while your children roll down the hill along with Jack and Jill.   

After a visit with the fairy tale characters, we spent some time with the animals.  You may decide to go inside to pet the chickens and goats.  Our family opted to see the goats and sheep with a bit of a barrier in between us and the cute animals.   We did, however feed them.
We didn’t go on the hay ride, but you may decide that it’s worthwhile to use it for a spin around the farm.   

There’s also a neat picnic area with a tree house and a train.  There’s food available for sale, and you’re also allowed to bring your own food.  There’s even a separate area for birthday parties.  

Of course, when it’s all said and done you can’t forget to spend time picking out some pumpkins to take home with you.  We decided that the pumpkin patch was a good place for me to unwrap our daughter and to hang out a bit.
I hope you and your family can find a farm that you’ll enjoy this fall.  Now I’m off to bake some pumpkin bread with the pumpkins we chose. 

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