Thursday, June 24, 2010

Washing and Wearing

One of the most common problems for new parents is how to keep up with housework when you have a sweet little bundle who wants to be no where more than in mom or dad's arms.  No one wants to leave baby crying while they do chores, but sometimes those chores just must be done.  Lots of household chores can be done while wearing a baby.  And choosing cleansers like vinegar can make things even safer for your little one.

Dishes are a task that can easily be done with baby in a back carry, if using a front carry, be careful of splashing hot water or soap onto baby.  And dads, this right here is enough to make a mom swoon... dishes getting done and baby getting a nap and mom isn't involved.  It's mom porn.

Other cleaning tasks like dusting or window washing can also be done while wearing.  Just be careful that chemicals don't get in baby's eyes, nose, or mouth.  Using safer products like baking soda or lemon can be a good choice, or you can make the kids do the cleaning.  Hey, they wanted to and thought it was a fun game! But really, the kids are demonstrating with doll wearing that they can clean with a little one in a hip or back carry.  Keep in mind while dusting the fine breakables that little hands are grabby... you don't want your little one getting a hold of a family heirloom.  Vacuuming can also be a great way to get a fussy baby to sleep.

So, there is no need to let all of the cleaning tasks get out of control just because you added a new member to the family.

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