Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seasonal Wearing: Autumn Pt.2

At the local farmer’s market, you’ll notice autumn has arrived because local apples are available, tasty, and gorgeous. But for some people, buying those local apples isn’t enough, they want to go out and choose their own. Apple picking is a harvest time activity that is well suited to babywearing.

From an adult’s front or back a toddler can reach the trees and participate in apple picking instead of watching from a stroller or the ground. The adult doesn’t have to exhaust his or her arms lifting the toddler up to the trees if he or she is wearing the toddler at the right height. This activity can become a family tradition that children will recall every time they bite into a juicy apple.

The tradition is strong in Carolyn’s family where you can see her picking apples with her older daughter as a toddler proud of her apple treasure. Then you can see her son as an infant last year and a toddler this year. Her son was able to explore the tree and the leaves easily from his vantage on mom's back. Now that he's a little older, he not only gets to help pick, but he can catch a snack back there too! The chance for each child to experience the fun of apple picking from mom’s back is important to Carolyn's family.

Sara’s children are also taking advantage of having baby worn while the family goes apple picking. Sara is able to carry a large basket of apples while also caring for her toddler and infant. This would be significantly more challenging with baby in arms or in a stroller.

For those with older children, if you’re feeling ambitious, those apples can go home for an afternoon of apple cobbler baking involving the whole family. There is nothing as special to a child as making a meal or snack with ingredients they picked themselves. And your little one can continue to participate while being worn. Be sure to keep little hands away from knives and hot ovens using hip or back carries and enjoy your harvest bounty.

Babywearing tip: choose a carrier that you don’t mind getting apple juice on… because every smart toddler will want to steal a bite or two of the gorgeous fresh apples you’re picking.

Posted by Ann Marie
Photos courtesy of Carolyn and Sara

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  1. Thanks for doing all this work Ann Marie. You are truly wonderful. -Carolyn